Squatting Meeting in Barcelona vom 17. – 20. Juni

Hello Freiburger!

Under the motto of “Present, Past and ..Future??? of Squatting in
Europe”, some squat collectives of Barcelona organize a meeting the 17,
18, 19, and 20 of June to debate about historical, political and legal
aspects of this movement in a European perspective.

We saw your squatting meeting in may and we would like to know if some of
you are interested in participate to come and give an overview of the
experience after this meeting, some materials or whatever you would like
to share with us… (as we want to make expos and documentary spaces..)

This meeting in Barcelona will be held in the “CSO La Forsa” (Avenida de
la Fama, 41,Cornella de Llobregat – Barcelona). For general participants
coming outside of Barcelona, we will give accommodation and vegan food
every day but just contacting before, but in your case maybe we could also
help with some money more for your transport (actually we‘re making
soli-events to financiate it..)

Also in the development of the Meeting, simultaneous translation equipment
will be provide to everyone.

Hasta Pronto!!!